Kamaka Artist

Nate Mata

Nate learned by listening to songs on the radio while trying to figure out the chords & copying solos by ear. Soon after he met Jake Shimabukuro and he gave Nate some lessons & taught him notes, chords & music theory. Nate was so inspired by Jake, Jon & Lopaka with their "Pure Heart" band going strong, he then knew that not only music was his calling but his vehicle was going to be the ‘ukulele. 

Nate went on to form a band with friends named "Round & Round". Even though they only came out with 1 album, it was filled with good times & it grew his love for the ‘ukulele even that much more. Jake Shimabukuro gave Nate his very 1st opportunity in teaching when he made Nate his assistant instructor at his ‘Ukulele Academy. Till this day, Nate cannot thank Jake enough for what he did for him. Nate was hooked on the feeling of making people smile while learning how to play this wonderful instrument! It was then when he kinda stepped out of performing all the time with "Round & Round" & just focused on teaching. Over the past 17 years, Nate has taught at over 10 different private schools & had the opportunity of teaching hundreds & hundreds of different people year after year after year. The ‘Ukulele has taken care of Nate & his Ohana over all these years & he isn’t nowhere close to stepping off this wonderful ride!
“A Kamaka ‘ukulele is all I ever knew. My Grandpa, Johnny Castello gave me my 1st Kamaka when I really didn't even know how to play. It had 3 strings and the back was barely hanging on but it never even bothered me. My Grandpa told me Kamaka ‘ukuleles was the best so that's what I stuck with. At 19 years old I finally saved up enough money to buy my very 1st Kamaka. When I walked in, the Kamaka ohana was so kind & helpful to me. It was if they knew me, I felt so welcomed. Other then the amazing quality sound & the stunning beauty of their ‘ukuleles, it was honestly the loving ohana feeling that I felt from the staff that made me love everything about Kamaka ‘ukulele. As a proud Hawaiian being born & raised in Hawaii, it's really powerful for me to see a Family run business that shows unbelievable success from generation to generations. Over the past 20 years Kamaka ‘Ukuleles has supported in all aspects of my career. As a performer, recording artist & a ukulele instructor, Kamaka ‘Ukuleles has always been there for me. Not only supplying the best ukuleles to my students & I, but they've done so much for me that I'll never take for granted. I'm proud to be playing the best ‘ukulele around but more importantly I'm honored to be apart of the Kamaka OHANA.”